Food Route Local


How it Began

Food Route Local came about through conversations between FareShare South West and Incredible Edible Bristol. We realised that we needed to come up with a simple way to help local food suppliers donate their surplus, in-date food to local community organisations that can use it.

Bristol 2015

Through European Green Capital Funding we have been able to create a simple text message service so that suppliers (including food retailers, cafes and restaurants) can let organisations know about the surplus items that they have, and then arrange to donate it to those that respond to the text. It will be allocated on a first come first served basis and the recipient will collect the food at a mutually agreed time.

This simple, innovative idea will help with the challenge of reducing food waste in Bristol, cut down on the carbon emissions that are produced when food is thrown away and feed some of our most vulnerable citizens with good quality food.


what's next

Inital testing of the text service began in September 2015. We are now in a 6 month Pilot phase which will run until the end of February 2016. Get involved.

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